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South Africa


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Ninth Cadbury Fellowship Scheme and Workshop


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The Centre of West African Studies at the University of Birmingham ( invites applications for the 2012 Cadbury Fellowship Scheme, which, while taking note of the centenary year of the foundation of the African National Congress, will focus on issues in South Africanist research that resonate with African Studies more broadly.


Three visiting fellows from Africa will be appointed to participate in a ten-week schedule of seminars,  discussion groups, and other activities. One aim of the scheme is to assist new scholars to develop a research paper and bring it to publication, and the programme will culminate in an interdisciplinary workshop to be held at the University of Birmingham on 18-19 May 2012 at which the visiting fellows will present their papers alongside an international cast of both established and younger participants.


Fellowships will cover return air-fare, accommodation and living costs for a period of up to ten weeks. The deadline for applications for fellowships is 1 December 2011.



While we are willing to consider any interesting scholarly research proposal on any topic touching on the study of South Africa past and present, in any discipline or combination of disciplines, we shall be particularly receptive to applications that

  •  reflect originally, critically and comparatively on the languages, technologies and institutions of governance and opposition; or
  •  have a precolonial focus, and ask questions of South African history and historiography that scholars have posed in researching precolonial  contexts elsewhere; or
  • critically interrogate South African exceptionalism; or
  • model new ways of looking at South Africa and other parts of Africa together; or
  • consider South African diasporas in Africa, or African diasporas in South Africa; or
  • explore the historical, political, ideological and cultural contradictions and possibilities of South Africans’ relationship with pan-Africanism or other supranational identities or creeds; or
  • respond to recent representations of South African society in film, theatre, fiction or poetry.

We are not interested in investigations that are purely or primarily theoretical or speculative; proposals should refer to relevant fieldwork or documentary or material evidence, and to specific examples or case studies.



Who is eligible for a Cadbury Fellowship?
We are looking for junior African scholars who have something to contribute to the theme(s), and whose research would benefit from a residential fellowship of ten weeks at the University of Birmingham. They should be in the early stages of their academic careers and based in an institution on the African continent. They should have a PhD or be close to completing one. It is intended that the Fellows will have time to use the University’s excellent library resources, discuss their work with academic staff and research students at CWAS, and contribute to the intellectual life of the department by participating in academic and cultural events here.


How to apply for a Cadbury Fellowship
Fellowships will cover return air-fare, and accommodation and living costs for a period of ten weeks. If you would like to be considered for the 2012 scheme, please:

(1) let us know how you learned about this programme;

(2) ensure that you can get away for ten weeks from mid-March to late-May 2012;
(3) send a research project description in English of not more than 1,000 words on the theme, showing what research you have already done and what you would work on during the fellowship;
(4) send a short c.v. (not more than 3 pages) and the names of two referees.



Deadline: 1 December 2011

Applications can be sent by e-mail to or by airmail to David Kerr, Centre of West African Studies, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT, England.



Participation in the Interdisciplinary Conference (18-19 May 2012)

Enquiries and applications are welcome. If you wish to present a paper, send an abstract of up to 250 words to David Kerr ( by 15 February 2012.  An additional, more detailed call for papers will be circulated in due course. Participants will normally be expected to seek means from their own institutions to attend. However, funds will be available to support a small number of invited speakers.