Alexandra Nkonge (Rugadya)

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Alexandra Nkonge (Rugadya)
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My name is Alexandra Nkonge. I am the head of department/ Commissioner for law revision in the Uganda Law Reform Commission. I am a lawyer by profession,an advocate, and I have specific training in the Legislative Drafting. I joined the Commission in 2002 upon leaving the Uganda Electoral Commission where I had worked for more than 6 years as head of the legal and Public Relationsa department.. In 1990 I worked as a researcher in the exercise of collecting views from the people of Uganda during the Constitution making exercise. I was thereafter appointed as a member of the Technical Committee that the drafted the current constitution of Uganda (1995).

My work in law reform involves research on laws that require reform and.revision.  My dwepartment is currentlytasked with the duty of revising all the laws of Uganda and producing the 7th Revised Edition. I also head a task force on harmonisation of national laws of Uganda with those of the East African Community. I also head the Ugandan delegation in the subcommittee on harmonisation of laws of the EAC. I have also been involved, as a ccordinator, in the workings of the Association of the Law Reform Agencies for the Eastern and Southern African Countries (ALRAESA). This is a 12 member Association which is in the process of preparing a model law on elections in the region.

I am married with two children. I will send a copy of my due course.


Ms Alexandra Nkonge (Rugadya)

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Constitution-making \\ Élaboration de la Constitution \\ Constituição de decisões
Elections/Electoral Systems \\ Elections / systèmes électoraux \\ Eleições / Sistemas Eleitorais
Local government \\ Le gouvernement local \\ O governo local
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Uganda Law Reform Commission
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