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Constitutionalism and the response to the Covid-19 pandemic under the 1996 Constitution of Cameroon

Chofor Che Christian Aime,
LLM, Ph.D. Pretoria
Senior Civil Administrator in Cameroon


The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic believed to have emanated from China has created worldwide turmoil as many continue dying, including in Africa. As Africa and Cameroon in particular increasingly become exposed and affected by the virus, policymakers must look into constitutional mechanisms to handle the ravaging effects of this pandemic.

Message from the Chair of the Coordinating Committee of the ANCL

Dear Colleagues,

It is with deep humility that I write to thank you for your steadfast belief in and membership of the ANCL. Your Coordinating Committee continues to make progress in strengthening your Network. In this regard, my message appears as part of a recently revamped website. We are also at an advanced stage of preparations towards a constitutional review process that is important for elections into the Executive Committee at the beginning of the Biennial Conference in Nairobi in August 2020. Information about these processes will be available in due course.


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