The overarching goal of the ANCL is to contribute to the development of democracy and constitutionalism, the protection of rights and the rule of law in Africa by providing a forum in which those involved in making, implementing and monitoring the implementation of constitutions and the promotion of rights can communicate with one another effectively. In so doing, the ANCL will foster a deeper understanding of constitutional government and the challenges which it presents in Africa, and facilitate the development of constructive responses to such challenges. 

The ANCL aims to create a strong community of research institutes, bar associations, law societies, regional and sub-regional associations, NGOs and individuals concerned with defending democracy and human rights.

Its specific aims are to:

  • to act as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between members of the ANCL and between the ANCL and other partner organisations with a view to improving the understanding of African constitutional systems;
  • to promote human and peoples’ rights on the continent including civil, political, economic, social, cultural rights;
  • to examine and compare the problems and phenomena common to African and foreign constitutional systems;
  • to anticipate African constitutional problems and to propose solutions capable of resolving them;
  • to provide a ‘task force’ of constitutional experts who could be called on to give advice on African constitutional problems; and
  • to develop a constitutional and democratic conscience on the continent.