African Constitutions


1. Constitutions of African states

Below are links to online versions of African constitutions with open access (they are free.) Although we constantly attempt to post links to the latest versions of constitutions, remember that constitutions might be amended frequently. We cannot guarantee that the version you will find on a website listed below is the latest version.




Constitution Finder 
is a general database containing the constitutions of every jurisdiction around the world. It contains the current constitution as well as constitutions of previous political regimes 
contains numerous useful resources, including previous and current constitutions, laws and draft laws, the composition of governmental bodies etc
The Law Library of Congress (US) 
has a webpage for every nation containing links to their constitution  contains an extensive database of current and past constitutions from all over the world.

COMING IN 2012: Oxford Constitutions Online will contain the constitution of every jurisdiction, translated into English, accompanied by a commentary of the constitution and of the country. Where possible, it will also contain other relevant legislation  


2. Governmental departments

If you want to access information on government, such as the department of Justice, the following links can assist you

The Law Library of Congress (US) refers to the website of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary of each African country, where such websites are available   


3. Constitute Project

The World's Constitutions To Read, Search, And Compare.