Access to Information





The principle of transparency, as a driver of constitutional accountability, has gathered momentum in Africa in recent years and there are plenty of initiatives underway, and new opportunities arising, including:


  • The establishment of AFRIC (the Centre for Freedom of Information in Africa)
  • The passage of the Ugandan ATI law
  • The emphasis on the Right to Know in the working agenda of ANSA AFRICA (the Affiliated Network of Social Accountability practitioners), supported by the World Bank Institute and led by Idasa
  • The establishment of the International School for Transparency which is a partnership between the University of Cape Town and the University of Sodertorn, Sweden (supported by SIDA)
  • ATI projects in Liberia and Mali, led by the Carter Center.


However, there is a need for more dedicated research (evidence-gathering) and scholarship; advocacy on the subject if the new laws and potential new laws are to succeed in practice; and litigation.

Front Summary: