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Anthony Mugambi Laibuta
Mr Mugambi Laibuta is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and an Associate of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution. He is a Trained Mediator and an Adjunct Lecturer at the Kenya Polytechnic University College. He is a researcher in international laws, international human rights law and constitutional law in Kenya. His latest publication is a chapter in the Judiciary Watch Report series by the ICJ entitled Constitutional and Institutional Reform: What Role in Addressing Impunity.   Mr Laibuta has been a researcher for renowned law firms, scholars and organisations whose research has led to policy change, academic publications and human rights advocacy in Kenya. He has worked at Kituo Cha Sheria Legal Advice Centre as a Legal Aid Volunteer whilst specialising in refugee law. Further, he worked for the Health Rights Advocacy Forum (HERAF) at the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) as a Legal Officer and Researcher specialising in health rights in Kenya. While at HERAF he contributed to effective policy and legislative change in the right to health in Kenya. Of note is his work that led to the successful lobbying for the operationalisation of the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Act. Mr Laibuta has also done extensive research on disability rights and the human rights based approach to development. Mr. Laibuta has been a volunteer mediator for close to two years and a facilitator in conflict management and resolution with the Youth Assembly Kenya. He has also presented numerous papers in diverse fora. He is currently a researcher at the Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review in Kenya.
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Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review Process (Kenya, ANCL-RADC


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