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Linda Stewart (Jansen van Rensburg)
My research focuses on rights that are concerned with the material dimensions of social welfare (and especially those rights placing budgetary obligations on government) and the utilisation thereof to alleviate poverty. Within this area I particularly directed my research to the construction, interpretation and limitation of these rights domestically but also regionally and internationally, concentrating on vulnerable members of society such as children and the urban and rural poor. Key publications: Jansen van Rensburg L & Lamarche L "Rights to social security and assistance" in Brand D & Heyns C (eds) SOCIO-ECONOMIC RIGHTS IN SOUTH AFRICA: INTERNATIONAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (Pretoria, PULP, 2005) Jansen van Rensburg L 'Khosa and Mahlaule case – opening the door for the inclusion of all children in the child support grant?' 2005 (20) SA PUBLIC LAW 103-130 Jansen van Rensburg L ‘The right of access to adequate water [Discussion of Mazibuko v The City of Johannesburg Case No: 06/13865]’ 2008 (19)(3) STELLENBOSCH LAW REVIEW 415-435 Stewart (Jansen van Rensburg) L ‘Interpreting and limiting the basic socio-economic rights of children in cases where they overlap with the socio-economic rights of others’ 2008 (24)(3) SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN RIGHTS 472-494 Stewart L & Horsten D The role of sustainability in the adjudication of the right to access to adequate water” 2009 (24) SA PUBLIC LAW 486-505 Stewart L 'Adjudicating Socio-economic Rights under a Transformative Constitution' 2009 28(3) PENN STATE INTERNATIONAL LAW REVIEW 487-512 Stewart L 'Resource constraints and a child’s right to legal representation in civil matters at state expense in South Africa' 2010 (19) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CHILDREN’S RIGHTS 1-26
South Africa
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Courts and The Judiciary
Human rights commissions
Social and Economic Rights
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Private Bag X6001 Potchefstroom 2520
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North-West University


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