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Nilen Vencadasmy
Called to the Bar of the Republic of Mauritius in December 2005. Trained in both the English common law and French civilist systems, has the added advantage of being fully conversant with both jurisdictions. Has acted as Counsel and legal advisor for local organisations including political parties and a number of leading NGOs in Mauritius on issues ranging from breaches of local and international human rights instruments (especially in relation to people living with HIV/AIDS), electoral laws and democracy. Currently Vice president of PILS, the leading NGO in Mauritius engaged in the fight against the proliferation of HIV/AIDS and the upholding of the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and Principal Recipient of the Global Fund. Experience Criminal, Civil, Labour and Industrial, Constitutional and Commercial litigation Advising local organisations generally on local and international human rights instruments, and assisting in cases involving breaches thereof before the National Human Rights Commission and other international fora such as the United Nations Human Rights Committee Advising local organisations on discrimination and equal opportunities legislation and assisting in cases of discrimination and/or differential treatment before the appropriate local fora Advising on electoral laws and their compliance with local constitutional provisions as well as international legal instruments such as the international Covenant on Civil and Political rights and  international standards of democracy  generally Has acted for Rezistans ek Alternativ, a local political party, and Blok 104, a group of citizens, engaged in a case against the State of Mauritius challenging the supplementary electoral mechanism known as the ‘Best Loser System’ as being unconstitutional and undemocratic, before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (D. Marie and Ors. v. Electoral Commissioner and Ors.) and the United Nations Human Rights Committee under the First Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Narrain et al v. The State of Mauritius - CCPR/C/97/D/1744/2007) Organisation du Peuple Rodriguais, the leading political party in the autonomous island of Rodrigues, in an electoral petition seeking the disqualification of one of the returned candidates in relation to the elections to the Rodrigues Regional Assembly PILS, one of the leading NGO’s engaged in the fight against the proliferation of AIDS and the upholding of the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS Collectif Arc en Ciel, an NGO engaged in the upholding of LGBTI rights Collectif Urgence Toxida, an NGO engaged in the implementation of harm reduction policies in relation to injecting drug users the Port Louis Harbour and Dock Workers Union, one of the leading trade unions representing port workers
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Access to Information
Elections/Electoral Systems
Human rights commissions
Separation of powers
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301, Stevenson Flats 42, Stevenson Avenue Quatre Bornes Mauritius
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Mauritius Bar Association


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