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Pierre de Vos
Prof Pierre de Vos is the Claude Leon Foundation Chair in Constitutional Governance and teaches in the area of Constitutional Law. He has a B Comm (Law), LLB and LLM (cum laude) from the University of Stellenbosch, an LLM from Columbia University in New York, and an LLD from the University of Western Cape. He taught at the University of Western Cape from 1993 to June 2009 and held a Professorship at that institution from 2001. Prof de Vos is the chairperson of the Board of the Aids Legal Network and is a board member of Triangle Project. He writes a Blog on social and political issues from a constitutional law perspective, which is widely read and quoted. Some of his more recent articles include the following: "Grootboom, the right of access to housing and substantive equality as contextual fairness" SAJHR vol. 17 (2001) 258. "South Africa's Constitutional Court: starry-eyed in the face of History" Vermont Law Review vol. 26 (2002) 837-864. "Transformative Justice: Social and Economic Rights in South Africa's Constitution" 243-262 Peter van der Auweraert, Tom de Pelsmaker, Jeremy Sarkin, Johan van de Lanotte Social, Economic and Cultural Rights: and appraisal of current European and International Developments (2002) Maku Publishers, Belgium. "So much to do, so little done" the right of access to anti-retroviral drugs post Grootboom vol. 7 (2003) Law, Democracy and Development 83. "Gay and lesbian legal theory" 328-353 in Roeder C & Moelendorf (eds.) Jurisprudence (2004) Juta publishers. "Same-sex sexual desire and the re-imagining of the South African family" South African Journal on Human Rights vol. 20 (2004) 179. "Critical reflections on South Africa's Civil Union Saga" (co-authored with Jaco Barnard-Naude)(2007) part IV South African Law Journal 795-826. "The 'inevitability' of same-sex marriage in democratic South Africa" vol. 23 (2007) South African Journal on Human Rights 432-465. "From heteronormativity to full sexual citizenship?: Equality and sexual freedom in Laurie Ackerman's constitutional jurisprudence" in J Barnard-Naude, D Cornell & F Du Bois (eds) Dignity, Freedom and the Post-Apartheid Legal Order (2008) "Experience of Human Rights in Africa: Challenges of Implementing Economic, Social and Cultural Rights" in Chris Maina Peter (ed.) The Protectors: Human Rights Commissions and Accountability in East Africa (2008) 1-28. See also Constitutionally Speaking Blog:
South Africa
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Courts and The Judiciary
Human rights commissions
Separation of powers
Social and Economic Rights
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UCT Public Law